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Traditional Naturopathy

Prevention is the Key using Lifestyle changes, Diet, Exercise, Herbal supplements, Microbiome keeps you healthy. If you have a health issue we can help manage that issue with the latest research.

Possible Outcomes with Traditional Naturopathy:

  1. Your symptoms improve which is the goal we shoot for.
  2. Your symptoms stay the same
  3. Your symptoms get worse

Possible Outcomes

The possible outcomes of naturopathic care depend heavily on how your metabolic changes have ingrained themselves into the homeostasis of your body.
Naturopathic treatment is not an immediate fix to symptoms. Sometimes you won’t notice a change for a month or two, but typically 3 weeks is when most people start to notice a change.

Guiding & supporting you back to your best health

When you come in our naturopath figures out how best to support your body then recommend how to return to or maintaining your best health, but it doesn’t end there. Supporting your diet and lifestyle changes with goal planning to raise your chances of success. We also shoot to have you off of our books and on your own in 6 months with a newfound health.

Meet our team

Michael Lane ND MH

Co-Owner, Traditional Naturopath, and Master Herbalist

Gloria Rivera – Receptionist

Pamela Lane Co Owner & Office Manager