Integrative & Functional Medicine (I&FM)is truly individualized medicine. The first tenant of I&FM is the concept of bio-individuality. Everyone has a unique way of maintaining homeostasis. The purpose of I&FM is to insure the body is getting what it needs and maybe have a little extra on hand for times when you just can’t get that nutrient. This isn’t the end all of I&FM. Using your lifestyle changes to your diet are recommended, exercise habits are recommended that are all geared to getting you healthy with as few supplements as possible to get you to your best health.

The Microbiome is a very important part of our existence. The microbiome has a direct role in our immune system, neurological function, inflammatory responses, even nutritional status. 75% of the immune system is in your gut, so having the healthy bacteria present is paramount. One bacteria has a direct role in depression by making a small protein called P90. Some “bad” bacteria and fungi produce chemicals that trigger the inflammatory response. Our microbiome also serves us nutritionally by making vitamin K, short chain fatty acids, and what we receive by digesting dead bacteria. I could write a book with the many functions of the microbiome. So having the correct microbiome is paramount to attaining your best health.

There are several reasons to examine the diet we are on. Most diets are deficient in some or most nutrients depending on your love of fast food, even your choice of “healthy diets.” Simple changes to the diet can have profound effects on your health and happiness. I always suggest a well-rounded diet with fish (cold water fish) and chicken. Leave beef, pork, and fast foods for a treat. I know this sounds funny coming out of a naturopaths mouth, but I said it.

I am trained in the use of specialty diets. The most common one I use in the elemental diet which is nutritionally complete and is absorbed quickly in the system, allowing time for the gut to heal from problems like Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Ulcerative Colitis or Crohn’s disease. These diets come with counseling before you start to improve your odds of success.
Your diet can also slow the progression of your aging clock; keeping you healthier for a longer portion of your life. I didn’t say it would turn the clock back by any means, but it has been shown to slow the progression of aging by a couple of years.
Either way, you save money over the long run by staying healthy for a longer portion of your life.

Exercise is a large factor in one’s health. Sitting on the couch all day does not promote circulation or burn calories, which promotes the production of fat and waste buildup in the extremities. You may not be able to walk for 30 minutes 5 times a week, but there is something you can do, and we can help you find what works for you to attain your optimal health.

Herbal remedies have been around for thousands of years and used to treat symptoms and assist with attaining and maintaining health goals of patients. There are three different trains of thought on herbal remedies. Chinese, Ayurveda, and Western herbalism. Each evolved on its own, but ended up in pretty much the same place with regard to the use of specific herbs, and their application to achieve relief or attain one’s best health. As a Master Herbalist, I keep close tabs on 30+ Herbs and 4 Mushrooms that I use in the practice to help you achieve your optimal health.

Iridology has roots in the Bible, but modern Iridology was actually discovered by a 10-year-old boy driven by an event that opened up a whole science of studying the iris. Iridology is assessing which area of the body needs to be supported by looking for and identifying markers in the iris and their clock position as a tool to find the optimal support for your body so you can achieve your optimal health.

Red light therapy has been around for a while. This modality has been proven to help treat skin conditions, help reduce wrinkles by promoting collagen production, and is thought to stimulate mitochondrial function, and mobilize fat molecules in the body so that they can be burned as energy.

Terahertz Therapy is a non-ionizing radiation that is resonant at the vibration frequencies of cells. Terahertz Therapy is safe and won’t hurt your body. Terahertz Therapy can penetrate the skin about a centimeter, vs Red Light Therapy, which only penetrates a few millimeters. Terahertz Therapy uses are very diverse from swollen joints and muscle pain to treating skin conditions, or general inflammation to help you achieve your optimal health.

Do not use Terahertz Therapy if you have the following conditions: a pacemaker, an open wound or fracture, metal fragments or plates in your body, congenital heart disease, pregnant or menstruating.

I once had a biology professor tell me, “nature makes the best medicine.” That statement has always stuck with me. I have learned over the years which herbs are the best for you and which are not. For instance, I discourage the use of marijuana for recreation or medicinal purposes. I know that won’t win friends, but it might influence someone not to start. When someone asks why I don’t recommend using marijuana, they get the same response. Marijuana scavenges Cadmium and Lead out of the ground, so smoking it can lead to issues that are contrary to the naturopath’s goals of keeping you in your best health.

Having said that, I do encourage mushrooms that encourage neuronal arborization (I explain that before I recommend them) and neuroplastic positive activities, without the psychotropic effects.

As a Master Herbalist, I can point you to the right herbs to balance the biochemical processes in your body, as well as the synergistic herbs to help you arrive at your optimal health.