In Nevada a Naturopath cannot order labs, but you as the patient can order them directly through the link below then visit a Quest Diagnostics Service Center or wait for the kit in the mail depending on the test. Then if you choose to share them with us the results can be uploaded to your patient portal for secure storage. The results can be quite useful in the recommendations that are made for you to obtain your optimal health.

For General Information:
Comprehensive Wellness Profile (CWP)
Nutrient Deficiency Panel

Gut Health:
Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth 3-Hr Lactulose (SIBO)-Genova Kit
Microbial Organic Acids Test (MOAT)-Mosaic Kit (formerly Great Plains Lab)
Food Sensitivity+ (Foods, Inhalants, Molds, Spices and Celiac)-Genova Kit
Food Allergy Profile